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The Best Times To Mow Your Lawn – Lawn Maintenance

best times to mow your lawn brisbane

There are a lot of opinions on this particular subject. Some professionals say it doesn’t matter. Some say there are certain times of the day when you should. Depending on the time of day can mean all the difference in the life span of your lawnmower and blades and also the upkeep of the lawn itself. Optimising your lawn maintenance schedule can be beneficial to how good your yard looks, whether it be summer, winter, spring or autumn.

The Best Times of the Day to Mow Your Lawn

Early Morning

Early morning mowing is possibly the worst time to mow. The morning dew will likely be coating the grass. This can make it troublesome on your mower and cause the grass to be cut badly. This can cause the grass to tear. Here’s food for thought: Wet grass is the perfect entryway for disease and fungus’s to infect your grass.

It also depends on where you are located. In North Brisbane, there are certain times of the year where dew hardly exists in sunny Queensland. These are usually the very hottest months. So you could get away with cutting your lawn at this time.


Though there is some dispute about how relevant the time of day you cut the grass is, there is a more suitable time than the rest. Most reputable lawn mowing businesses agree that mid-morning is the best time of day to mow the grass. The logic following this is that the lawn needs time to heal before nightfall. This suggests that your grass really requires the benefit of the day to dry and heal before evening sets in.
The argument is that if your grass is cut when the lawn is too hot, it may burn the grass. So, if you choose when to mow in the day, there is a good case that mid-morning is the day’s optimal time.

Lunch Time

Though it is usually safe to mow your lawn midday, it is not optimal. Besides having to work throughout the hottest part of the day, you will stress out the turf. But, so long as it is a routine cut, and you aren’t chopping more than the top third of the lawn, you should be ok. Nevertheless, if you have fallen back or behind on your lawn and need to cut more than the top third, you risk scorching the lawn from the sun.


The afternoon is the second-best period of the day to trim your lawn. If you can’t get out there and mow in the morning and don’t want to risk scorching your lawn, then the afternoon is an excellent time to mow your lawn.


Mowing your lawn late in the day is just as bad as trimming too early. This is because as night descends, so does the dew. Just like in the morning, you risk baring your freshly cut lawn to disease and fungal diseases.

Don’t make this prevalent lawn care mistake. Never mow with dull blades on your lawnmower!

Most people aren’t conscious of this, but sharp blades are more critical than the period of the day in which you mow. Maintain your blades so that they are as sharp as they can be.

This may not seem necessary, but it really is. Sharp blades will alter the lawn more so than the time of day that you mow. Why is this? If your blades are unsharpened, then the yard will grow torn. This is because dull blades will not make a clean cut but will rather tear the grass apart. This can make the ideal doorway for disease and fungal infections.

The best bet is to contact us at Back Yard Business and pick a good time for us to come out and perform some professional yard maintenance on your lawns. Our landscaper, gardener and professional handyman will look after your lawns once off or on a regular basis.

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