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Turf Laying: What You Need To Know

turf laying service north brisbane

Turf laying is the process of laying down a thick layer of grass on a new or newly prepared ground or topsoil. This is usually done for convenience or aesthetics, and once the grass has been and laid and becomes established, will give you a great lawn. There are many different types of turf laying systems.

It all depends on how much time you want to spend on lawn care and maintenance. You should ask to see several options in order to be sure that you are getting a good job done. There are many types of grass that suit different situations and projects and have advantages and disadvantages for both solutions.

Many homeowners like to lay their own turf since it is easy and convenient. This does require some work, and if you have any questions about the process then you should call a local professional. There are a few advantages of getting grass professionally laid, and they are experiencing, knowing what type of grass to lay down and also the best soils to have underneath.

When you hire a contractor to lay your grass, they will send someone out to your property to determine what you need and then they will come back to your property to deliver the supplies and get started. There are some homeowners that prefer this method since they don’t have to go out and collect the materials at a store. They can just bring the boxes of materials into the house. Most local lawn services will offer this option, and it is sometimes less expensive than having it done through a professional.

When we lay turf we often follow a procedure that allows us to give you the best possible results and extend the longevity of your grass, whether it be for homes, commercial properties or business.

The first thing you should know is that you need to prepare the soil before laying the grass. Most lawn service providers will tell you that the best time to prepare the ground for grass is spring. This allows the grass to grow properly and prevents weeds from growing during the process. We offer landscaping services for North Brisbane as well, so we can do all the groundwork for you, such as preparing the soil for the grass and using appropriate fertilisers. Also giving sound advice on how to maintain your lawn.

The types of grass are numerous and we can choose the right grass for your property based on several factors including climate, price, the incline of the property, irrigation characteristics, erosion, amount of shade or sunlight, pest and weed resistance, hardiness, and many other factors.

Turf laying and lawn care services should be experienced and professional to ensure the best possible outcome for your home or investment property. We offer affordable solutions for all types of properties, including homes, residential block and developments, retirement villages, schools, commercial properties and much more.

Getting your lawn laid shouldn’t be a dramatic process, after all, you want your property to look great for your friends, family and customers. This gives you a great first impression, leading to a happier home, and a more profitable business.

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