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When Should You Fertilise Your Lawn? Lawn Care

The Best Times To Mow Your Lawn - Lawn Maintenance

When should I fertilise my lawn?

It all depends on your outcome for the lawn and what you expect to gain out of it.

  • What are the aims for your lawn?
  • What is your lawn fertilising budget?
  • Should you hire a professional lawn care business?
  • Can your Fertilise your own grass?

Those are just a few of the things you may be questioning when it comes to fertilising your lawn.

Here You’ll Learn:

  • When the best time to fertilise your own yard is.
  • How to hire a fertiliser company.
  • How to fertilise your own lawn.

Fertiliser treatments are typically spread out.

  • The first happening in the early spring,
  • The following in late spring,
  • The third in the middle of summer, and
  • The fourth in early autumn, and
  • The fifth fertiliser application in late autumn,
  • Sometimes a wintertime treatment will also be prescribed.

Springtime Fertiliser Time

The initial two treatments of the year will have fertiliser to boost the turf’s growth and the roots. A good spray on soil conditioning treatment promotes root growth and fertiliser high in phosphorous and other nutrients. You can buy good lawn fertiliser at your local Bunnings or other gardening outlets.

A weed spray to kill the weeds that have grown and a preventative to stop the weeds from developing in the summer.

These first two treatments are the most influential as they will set you up for success. If they are not correctly implemented, then you will not have excellent outcomes.

Mid-Summer Fertiliser Treatment

The mid-summer lawn fertiliser treatment is usually a light fertiliser to promote the grass’s colour and growth and the roots through the hot summer. In North Brisbane, the summers can get quite hot, reaching temperatures of over 35 degrees Celcius. This can happen over consecutive days, and it’s during these heatwaves that your grass needs good root coverage and good soil conditioning.

Autumn Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

The autumn applications are implemented in conjunction with seeding applications to encourage seed germination and take care of any weeds that rise up in the autumn.

Finally, Apply Fertiliser in the Wintertime

The winter fertiliser treatment helps maintain colour and health during the cold periods.

If you are a hardcore, do it yourself kind of person, administer the treatments yourself.

Nevertheless, by the time you buy the required fertilisers and chemicals and factor in your time, the price will be about the same.

Most people don’t comprehend this, but you should work with a trustworthy local supply company or locally owned lawn and garden shop if you undertake it yourself. Here’s why. These stores will have more knowledgeable staff than the big box stores.

The Difficulties of Fertilising Your Own Lawn

One of the main hurdles to tackling this yourself is spraying the weeds that have previously popped up.

Professional lawn care companies have access to commercial treatments, but you will have to use a granular weed and feed. This product will not operate unless you use it during the very early morning while the grass is still wet from the dew. The particles have to cling to the leaves of the weeds to be efficient in killing the weed.

Say you want a green, healthy, weed-free lawn all year running.

To get to the point quickly, you are probably best to go with a local lawn care specialist concentrating on residential lawn care.

In my experience, I would not advise that you work with one of the nationwide providers, as they often do not support their customers. You can quickly see the poor reviews the national businesses have with quick online research.

On the contrary, I would advise that you look for a locally owned company that offers lawn fertilisation and weeding as one of their services. A smaller locally owned yard maintenance business has a smaller client base and loves getting good reviews from their customers. Not to mention the more personal touch from their regular or once off visits.

Hire A Good Lawn Care & Maintenance Business

If you hire a good company, they will handle the required treatments to keep the lawn in its best-performing shape. Typically a complete lawn program will consist of 4-6 timely applications per year regarding weeding, pesticidal and fertilising services. Of course, regular lawn mowing is also a must in combination with these other services.


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